The blueprint of Manchester United's defense line is: When one-on-one with the opponent's offensive players, each defender should be able to complete the defensive task without the help of teammates.


Solskjaer hopes that the team can move forward as a whole when attacking, but this means that once opponents seize the opportunity to counterattack, they may have a numerical advantage. In this case, the defender must be able to resolve the crisis alone. Physical strength, speed, and timing are all important. At the same time, the Manchester United defender should actively sabotage the opponent's offense and take the initiative to take responsibility instead of just passing the ball to his teammates.


At Old Trafford, Crystal Palace can easily create a threat in front of Manchester United, and this also shows that if Suo Shuai wants to realize his vision, he must first solve a difficult problem.


This problem lies with Lindelof.


In the battle with Crystal Palace, Lindelof was blown twice by Crystal Palace players: in the first half, he failed to block Schlupp’s cross. The latter assisted teammate Townsend to score, and in the second half, Lindelof was unable to intercept. Zaha scored the third goal of Crystal Palace... Many Manchester United fans should remember that in a game against Crystal Palace last season, Lindelof also lost to Shloop in a header fight. , Schlupp's header ferry allowed Jordan Ayou to get a single chance and finally scored easily.

在与水晶宫(Crystal Palace)的战斗中,林德洛夫(Lindelof)被水晶宫(Crystal Palace)的玩家吹了两次:上半场,他未能挡住施卢普(Schlupp)的传中。后者协助了队友汤森德得分,下半场,林德洛夫无法拦截。扎哈(Zaha)攻入了水晶宫(Crystal Palace)的第三个进球。许多曼联球迷应该记住,在上赛季与水晶宫(Crystal Palace)的比赛中,林德洛夫(Lindelof)在头球大战中也输给了Shloop。 ,施卢普的头球渡轮使乔丹·阿尤(Jordan Ayou)获得一次机会,最终轻松得分。

There is no denying that Luke Shaw and Maguire also made mistakes in the game, but anyone with a discerning eye can see that Lindelof is the biggest shortcoming of Manchester United's defense. Lindelof's performance in the game against Crystal Palace once again shows that Soo Shuai may no longer be able to let him sit firmly in the starting position-especially in one-on-one situations, his defense is always scary.

无可否认,卢克·肖和马奎尔在比赛中也犯了错误,但是任何有眼光的人都可以看到林德洛夫是曼联防守的最大缺点。 Lindelof在与Crystal Palace的比赛中的表现再次表明,Sou Shuai可能再也无法让他坚定地坐在起跑位置上,尤其是在一对一的情况下,他的防守总是令人恐惧。

In the Premier League last season, Manchester United scored 36 goals by opponents, the third-lowest conceded team, this record is only behind Liverpool (33) and Manchester City (35). However, Manchester City and Liverpool scored far more goals than Manchester United. In order to narrow the gap, Solskjaer hopes to improve the team's offensive ability, but the "side effect" that follows is: the team's defense has to bear greater pressure, both in single defense and collective defense. Do better.


Ferdinand and Vidic are a perfect combination of center-backs, but they also have top individual defensive capabilities; the same goes for Gary Parrister and Steve Bruce. Former French striker Luis Saha once said that during his time at Manchester United, all players were eager to win in one-on-one matches with their opponents. He believes Solskjaer needs such players right now.

费迪南德和维迪奇是中后卫的完美结合,但他们也拥有出色的个人防守能力。 Gary Parrister和Steve Bruce也是如此。法国前锋路易斯·萨哈曾经说过,在曼联期间,所有球员都渴望与对手进行一对一的比赛。他认为索尔斯克亚现在需要这样的球员。

As a team, Liverpool have precise coordination, but they also have Van Dijk. Van Dijk has outstanding speed, is good at reading games, and can often predict and defuse threats in advance, allowing Alisson to avoid exposure to danger.

作为一个团队,利物浦拥有精确的配合,但他们也拥有范·迪克。范·迪克(Van Dijk)具有出色的速度,擅长阅读游戏,并且经常可以提前预测和缓解威胁,从而使阿里森可以避免遇到危险。

Maguire has brought improvements to Manchester United, but many people who are familiar with Manchester United feel that the team should equip Maguire with a mobile and fast partner, so that the two central defenders can complement each other. The reason why Solskjaer particularly "respects" Lindelof is because he has good ball handling ability, especially good at using the pass to enter the midfield. However, once facing opponents' direct pass or aggressive offensive players, his performance is not trustworthy... Some people think that the reason Soo Shuai relies on Lindelof is simply because he can maintain a healthy body. .

马奎尔为曼联带来了一些进步,但是许多熟悉曼联的人都认为马奎尔应该为马奎尔配备一个机动快速的搭档,以便两名中后卫可以相互补充。 Solskjaer之所以特别“尊火狐体育下载链接重” Lindelof是因为他具有出色的控球能力,尤其擅长使用传球进入中场。但是,一旦面对对手的直接传球或侵略性进攻球员,他的表现就不值得信赖……有人认为Soo Shuai依赖Lindelof的原因仅仅是因为他可以保持健康的身体。 。

In July 2017, Lindelof joined Manchester United for £31 million, but not everyone is optimistic about him. At that time, Manchester United also chased Michael Keane and even negotiated personal terms with Keane, but Mourinho eventually triggered Lindelof's transfer. As a graduate of Manchester United's youth training, Keane joined Everton. In fact, just last summer, Manchester United also considered Keane as a candidate for signing at the central defender position and considered signing him.


Manchester United internally discussed signing another central defender (for example, in Pamecano), but before the transfer deadline on October 5, the club prioritizes reinforcement in other positions.


Of course, there is another factor. "When a team already has 7 central defenders, it is really difficult to sign a new central defender." A source revealed.

当然,还有另一个因素。 “当一个团队已经有7名中后卫时,真的很难签下新的中后卫。”消息人士透露。

The current situation is: Smalling's permanent transfer to Rome has been postponed because Manchester United is not satisfied with the offer from Rome. Rojo may also leave the team, but his weekly salary is more than 100,000 pounds. The excessive salary will discourage many potential buyers. Phil Jones has not fully recovered, but if Manchester United receive a suitable offer, he may still be released from the team-Newcastle is said to be very interested in the 28-year-old defender.

当前的情况是:由于曼联对罗马的报价不满意,斯莫林的永久转会已被推迟。 Rojo也可能会离开球队,但他的周薪超过100,000英镑。过高的薪水将阻止许多潜在的买家。菲尔·琼斯还没有完全康复,但如果曼联收到合适的报价,他可能仍会从球队中被释放。据说纽卡斯尔对这位28岁的后卫非常感兴趣。

If Manchester United do not plan to introduce new aid at the central defender position, then Solskjaer will only have the way to tap potential internally... The 26-year-old Bailey has excellent speed and enthusiasm and seems to be more suitable than Lindelof Partner with Maguire. Although occasionally reckless and aggressive, Bailey is still a good central defender if he can stay away from injuries. Tuanzebe is even faster than Bailey. Last season Manchester United planned to try to pair the 22-year-old with Maguire in certain games. He also played in a League Cup match against Rochdale. Served as the captain, but later suffered minor injuries, and has never represented the team since December last year. Suo Shuai thinks that Tyden Menji is "very special", but Menji is only 18 years old and still needs time to grow up. Manchester United cannot rush his training.

如果曼联不打算在中后卫位置引入新的援助,那么索尔斯克亚将只能在内部发掘潜力... 26岁的贝利拥有出色的速度和热情,似乎比林德尔洛夫更合适与Maguire合作。尽管贝利偶尔会鲁ck和进取,但如果他能远离伤病,他仍然是一名出色的中后卫。 Tuanzebe比Bailey还要快。上赛季曼联计划在某些比赛中尝试将22岁的球员与马奎尔配对。他还参加了与罗奇代尔(Rochdale)的联赛杯比赛。曾担任队长,但后来受轻伤,并且自去年12月以来从未代表球队参赛。索帅认为泰登门吉“很特别”,但门吉只有18岁,还需要时间才能长大。曼联不能急于接受训练。

All in all, although Solskjaer has a large number of central defenders, Lindelof's competition within the team is not fierce. If this status quo continues for a long time, in terms of athletic performance, it may be difficult for Manchester United to go further than last season.


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